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Meet the Latest Innovation in Stone Veneer: Evolve Stone

Wednesday, June 22 | 2022

Meet the Latest Innovation in Stone Veneer: Evolve Stone

Construction projects requiring interior or exterior stonework can take a lot of time and when you’re working on a tight deadline, every minute counts. At Contractor Express, we can help you save time with the Evolve Stone Mortarless Series; a versatile solution for any stone veneer application. It is quick to install and provides a stunning finish for your projects.  Both homeowners and contractors appreciate the beauty and functionality of Evolve Stone.

Why Evolve Stone?
Evolve Stone is an innovative mortarless stone veneer made by Wolf Home Products. With a beautiful design and intuitive installation, it’s the ideal solution for your next stone veneer project.

Homeowners prefer Evolve Stone due to its durability, low maintenance, and incredible curb appeal. The design choices are endless, thanks to the option of five unique series, each featuring multiple sought-after color choices. Additionally, its durability means homeowners can be confident their investment will last for years to come. Evolve Stone is UV resistant, moisture impermeable, and can withstand heavy storms and drastic temperature fluctuations. With less than 1% water retention, it withstands harsh climates with ease. It performs well under wind loading, freeze/thaw cycles, and salt spray, so it’s the perfect stone veneer for East Coast homes and businesses.

Evolve Stone is preferred by New York contractors for both interior and exterior projects. It’s easy to install, allowing projects to be completed 10 times faster than traditional stone installations. There’s also no special training required to work with it, and no mortar, hardware, or lathe is needed for installation. Evolve Stone veneer can be cut to fit on site, and it’s the only stone veneer that can be face nailed or installed using a standard finish nailer.

Choose Evolve Stone for your next stone veneer project! This innovative building material is available from Contractor Express, Long Island's leading building material supplier since 1981. To place your next order, call our team today at 516-764-0388!