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Experience Marvin, Directly

Friday, January 15 | 2021

Experience Marvin, Directly

Our new dealer-direct relationship with Marvin provides streamlined access to Marvin’s expert design, planning support, and professional resources. Contact our team to quote your next project with new 2021 pricing, and then put us to work to experience the Marvin difference.

We are excited to announce that Marvin has moved to a dealer direct model in the northeast. Your next order of Marvin products will be placed by us directly with Marvin, instead of a regional distributer. This decision was made with you, the builder, in mind. 

What are the benefits?  

  • You now have streamlined access to Marvin’s expert design, planning support, and professional resources. 
  • This closer connection makes it more convenient for us to provide the best product service before, up to, and after your windows and doors are installed. 
  • Marvin is known throughout the industry for providing their dealers with thorough and frequent product training. This means that our staff will be prepared to help you deliver the best solutions your specific projects and customers deserve.  

Why partner with Marvin?  

  • Superior Performance: You can count on every Marvin product to deliver industry-leading performance, even in the most demanding applications, from extremely large sizes to harsh weather conditions. 
  • Uncompromising Design: Designed with exceptional quality and a meticulous eye for detail, Marvin products unite the highest level of architectural precision with beautiful aesthetics to deliver on even your most aspirational projects. 
  • Exceptional Experience: Marvin has been working with builders for over 100 years and does not sell their products in big box stores. Marvin has built its excellent reputation not only for its expertly crafted products and industry changing innovations, but also for helping their partners to distinguish and grow their businesses.