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Homes are never complete without windows to round out the properties’ exterior. These fixtures are vital in providing natural lighting for living spaces, and can offer a glimpse into the outdoors from inside. As with all exterior building elements, windows need to be tough enough to endure the elements and provide adequate insulation.

Builders should judiciously consider the type of windows they should use for their projects to ensure that their clients will like the results. One cannot just slip a mere panel of glass and pass it off as a window; good windows provide enough functionality and versatility so that the eventual homeowners can live in comfort. Contractors and builders can always turn to Contractor Express for the best selection of windows in Long Island.

Contractor Express has many window products in stock from various manufacturers, each with their own distinctive style and aesthetics. Our varied selection also means that we have models with different features. We invite contractors (and even their clients) to browse our website and select the most appropriate windows for their project.

We provide windows from the following manufacturers:

Marvin Windows

This company creates made-to-order windows and doors. Each product has been carefully handcrafted to perfection, and it is even possible for clients to request custom-designed windows. Marvin is committed to offering its customers window options that not only look great, but also regulate long-term energy costs. The company offers over 150,000 energy efficient product options, all boasting the high quality and made-to-order versatility associated with the brand. It should be noted that Marvin also observes sustainable manufacturing processes, and they maintain a strict controlled wood source policy to ensure that their wood only comes from responsibly managed forests. Marvin also recycles when it can, reusing materials without sacrificing quality.


Windows from this manufacturer are incredibly durable and feature warm handcrafted wooden interiors. Best of all, they are also easy to install, saving contractors from the trouble. Integrity is perhaps best known for utilizing Ultrex® pultruded fiberglass, a material that was patented nearly 20 years ago. This innovative fiberglass material is resilient, lasts for long, and is relatively maintenance-free. Integrity liberally uses Ultrex® on its fiberglass windows, ensuring that their products can endure wear from the weather, extreme temperature, and age. Indeed, the company insists that their Ultrex® products are akin to steel in terms of toughness, and can resist sagging better that vinyl or wooden frames.

Infinity Windows

A marque of the Marvin brand, this innovative label features fiberglass frames for their windows. This material is incredibly hard-wearing and resistant to temperature effects. The marque aims to provide a hassle-free and superior customer service experience. To that end, Infinity offers limited lifetime warranties for all their products, and boils down the entire window replacement process into four easy steps. Infinity’s one-stop shopping experience assures customers that not only will they get their replacement windows quickly, but they will also be guided throughout the process by a helpful expert. Notably, Infinity retailers are hand-picked for their knowledge and experience, so customers can rest easy knowing that a professional is handling their window replacements.


For a more diverse selection, contractors can opt for Jeld-Wen’s products. The company offers wood, clad-wood, vinyl, and aluminum windows. Jeld-Wen is the only company that offers products made from AuraLast® wood. This proprietary material is unique to Jeld-Wen, and it is one of the most robust things to be used for windows. AuraLast® windows are highly impervious to rotting, and unlike other treated wood products, it prevents the decay from affecting both the surface and core of the frames. To further back up their promise of a superior wood product, Jeld-Wen offers limited warranty on their windows.

Smarter Windows & Doors

This manufacturer specializes in vinyl replacement windows and new construction windows meant to increase the energy efficiency of a home. It also helps that vinyl is a relatively low-maintenance material, and the manufacturer has included a warranty to go with their superior product. The manufacturer’s ST Energy Star Glazing package meets the strict energy efficiency criteria for federal tax credits. This allows homeowners to save hundreds of dollars every year on tax expenses alone. Coupled with the energy-saving capabilities of the windows, homeowners can save so much more just by replacing their windows for Smarter’s. The ST Glazing Package can reduce a household’s average energy expenditures by 30 to 40 percent, and can also potentially lower CO2 output by 1,600 annually, according to an independent study.

Crystal Vinyl Window & Door

Crystal Vinyl Window & Door is a critically-acclaimed manufacturer of vinyl, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum windows. Each of their windows is designed to be energy-efficient for both residential and commercial use.

Silver Line Windows

When you need something a little classic, this brand’s windows are just the thing. It should be noted that Silver Line is an Energy Star partner due to how energy-efficient their products are.

Pella Windows and Doors

Another Energy Star partner, Pella is one of the most popular names in windows today. Browse through their quality products and see why yourself.

Contractor Express provides building materials such as high quality windows to contractors and builders with projects in the Long Island area. Let us help you build a home with the finest materials, and at the most reasonable costs. Visit our facility or call us at 516-764-0399 for more information.

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