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Kitchens are preparatory spaces that need as much functionality as possible to help homeowners prepare their meals. At the same time, kitchens could also use aesthetic elements in order to brighten up the space and its mood. Building or remodeling a kitchen typically considers these two aspects, and it is important for contractors to secure the right materials for the job.

There is no room for compromises when designing a kitchen; the space needs to be outfitted with durable, safe, and ergonomic elements, so as not to bother or endanger the user. Contractors and builders need to be very careful with what they select for their projects. Thankfully, they can always rely on Contractor Express to provide quality materials, such as countertops and kitchen cabinets, for their projects in the Long Island area.

Contractor Express offers a wide range of building materials that contractors can select from and use for their own projects. Our impressive catalog of products ensures contractors that they can build kitchens that look as good as they work. In addition to the various building supplies we have in stock, we are proud to provide superior kitchen-specific materials to satisfy most design specifications.

Our kitchen-specific products are:


Any good kitchen will have ample storage space for the various cutlery, equipment, and accoutrements typically used by chefs. Storage is also needed to keep dry goods intact and safe. Cabinets, therefore, are some of the most indispensable elements in any kitchen due to their storage capacities. We have both indoor and outdoor kitchen cabinets, allowing you to select the type that best suits your building needs.


Cooking demands a preparatory space for cooks to prepare the ingredients or to put together a meal. Whether you are chopping vegetables, kneading dough, or adding the finishing touches to a dish, you will need a surface to perform all of them. Of course, the surface should not just look appealing to the eye; they also need to be durable, easy to clean, and resistant to microbes that can contaminate the food. Contractor Express affords some of the most sturdy and safe kitchen countertops for Long Island contractors to use.

You can always count on Contractor Express for all your building requirements. Our impressive variety of products and our services are designed to help contractors make their jobs a little easier. Why turn to just another supplier when you can have a reliable partner?

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