The Don'ts of Kitchen Remodeling that Contractors Need to Remember

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Kitchen remodeling can be a tricky job because it's not just about refurbishing the sink, the countertops, or the floor. It's also about matching the design and the layout to the needs of the family and the purpose of the kitchen. Attention to these design elements will culminate in a new kitchen that functions as intended.

contractors need to remember

It is extremely important for Long Island kitchen contractors to fully coordinate with homeowners who want to turn this major hub in their home into a functional area where the entire family can gather and prepare food together. Coordination with the client will prevent the contractor from committing some major "don'ts" involved in a kitchen remodel.

Don't Remodel for just One Person

It's a common mistake to remodel a kitchen based on the people who use it the most. For example, in some homes, a kitchen may be designed in a way to accommodate only the wife because she's the one who will do all the cooking. However, the often physically bigger husband may find it hard to move around the kitchen to help or get things from the cupboards or shelves. To avoid mistakes and inconveniences such as this, make sure you involve everyone in the house concerning the project. This way, the remodeled kitchen can be a place for everyone to gather, which is a growing trend for homeowners.

Don't Hold on to Old Stuff

Remodeling is about transforming a kitchen into a fresh and new dwelling place. If you retain old pots and pans that no longer match the new design, it defeats the purpose of the project. Convince your clients to discard the implements or appliances that don't fit the layout, and to instead invest in new equipment and accessories that complement the new design and make it more efficient.

Don't Rush

Rushing to the construction phase can compromise the planning and design phase, essential to the project's success. Before you pick up your construction tools, make sure that the plan and the design are flawless. This will help save money and time on mistakes that could have been avoided in the planning and design phase.

Keeping these don'ts in mind will better guide you in remodeling your client's kitchen correctly and efficiently. Contractors in Long Island, NY may be trained and equipped with the right tools, but forgetting about these simple rules could lead to a complete failure.


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Kitchen Design Don'ts

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