Outdoor Building Supply Materials You Can Recommend to Your Customers

Posted on: March 9, 2017Posted by: Contractor Express

If a customer has hired you to work on their outdoor project, they'll trust you to recommend the options that will work best for them and the materials you think are suitable. There are many types of building supply materials that you can use for an interesting outdoor space, and here are some that your clients may want to consider.

outdoor building supply materials

Varied Decking

Decking and patio areas are desired by approximately 84% of all homeowners, so if it's not something your client has suggested, they may simply not realize they want one yet. Decking comes in a wide variety of styles and materials to suit every personal preference, so be sure to educate your clients on what's available.

Around 75% of all decks built in U.S. homes are made of pressure treated wood. While this is good for clients on a budget, it will require significant maintenance and may not last as long as other woods, so you may wish to suggest red cedar, mahogany or ipe instead.

As an alternative to wood, many people are turning to composite decking instead. Made from a plastic and wood blend or purely plastic, composite decking is durable, stain resistant and easy to maintain. It can be ordered in a variety of colors and styles, so if a client wants a specifically designed space, this material may be a good fit.

Fencing Options

More than just an indication of a property border, your clients could use fences in a variety of ways. Clients may wish to divide their outdoor space into sections, and fences are a good way to do this. Likewise, fences are good for extra security and privacy too.

For privacy and security, recommend fencing that's at least six feet tall, and has little to no gaps between the slats. This will make it difficult for people to both see through and climb over the fence. For decorative purposes, metal fencing may be a good option. Metals such as aluminum can be fabricated into different shapes and patterns, and metal is a durable material for any outdoor space.

Composite fencing is best for those clients who want something easy to maintain, or simply to maintain continuity between their decking and fencing choices.

To keep your clients happy, make sure you give them every option for their outdoor space by partnering with a building supply provider. A personalized approach will lead to satisfied customers and recurring projects in the near future.


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