Open Kitchen Design for Long Island Homes-4 Tips to Renovation Success

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Opening the kitchen up to adjacent living areas is not only a great way to create the illusion of a large space. It can also make the kitchen a more social place to be. Open up your kitchen to your living room, dining room, or even the patio or backyard and make it the true heart of your home. If this sounds like a fun idea to incorporate in your home, here are some of the considerations you must discuss with your Long Island kitchen design professional before you proceed with the remodel.

4 tips to renovation success

Define kitchen zones and layout

The size and shape of the available space will define the layout of the kitchen, even in an open layout. Defining separate zones is important to having the kitchen design that suits your personal preferences. Identify where different activities must take place, such as preparation, cooking, and cleanup, and look to maximize ergonomics and efficiency.

Tear down the walls (partially)

Opening up the kitchen often involves removing the walls separating the kitchen and the room you want to link it to. However, if you are bothered about having no clear demarcation or boundary between the rooms, a half-wall or sliding glass doors may be more to your liking. The latter is especially useful if you plan to open up your kitchen to the patio or deck.

Let the light shine in

An open kitchen floor plan wouldn't mean much if what you get in the end is a dark and gloomy room. Consider adding new windows or enlarging existing ones to make your kitchen feel light and airy. If these are impossible, you can alternatively paint your kitchen in a light color and use a mirror or two to reflect and spread out what little natural light you may have. Mirrors also create the illusion of space.

Have plenty of storage options

It's necessary to ensure you have plenty of storage options within the rooms you plan to combine to maintain a clean and organized appearance, since every feature is in plain view. Great cabinetry options to consider include carousel, le mans corner, tambour, and internal bins, as these maximize both space and storage. Open shelving, cupboards, and pan drawers are other good choices.

Supplies for your kitchen renovation

Long Island decking, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling suppliers such as Contractors Express allow local homeowners to find everything they need for their renovation in one place. Aside from building materials, these trusted names can provide you with an excellent contractor recommendation for your project.


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