Long Island Kitchen Countertops—5 Tips to Achieving the Perfect Island

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An island can be a great addition to your kitchen. But whatever purpose you want it to serve, whether as a casual dining spot or a food prep area, it is important to be thoughtful about its design and location. The following five considerations will assist Long Island homeowners as they design the perfect island kitchen countertop for their home.

achieving the perfect island


Your kitchen island is bound to take up a huge space in your kitchen. You can avoid letting all that used space go to waste by incorporating storage solutions into your island. There are a number of great storage solutions you can use, and you can learn them by researching home improvement websites or talking to an established Long Island kitchen renovation contractor.


If you want to add barstools to your island in case you want to use it as an extra dining area, you can use an overhang to accommodate them. Aside from dining, you can use your island as a multi-purpose work area when you have barstools around. For instance, you can use it as an area for homework or arts and crafts if you're not using it to prepare or consume food.

Electrical outlets

Placing an electrical outlet or two on each side of the kitchen cabinet can be extremely convenient. Modern outlets can be cleverly concealed, providing you with a seamless look when you don't use them. Be sure to involve an electrician in the planning process so you can have all the components you need for your island electrical system.


Many homeowners opt for a multi-level island to serve more specific functions. Having an island with a secondary level can be especially useful if you have children and/or individuals with impaired mobility in your family.


Incorporating appliances into a kitchen island will affect its overall size and design, so if space is limited, you have to keep appliances to the bare essentials, such as a sink. If you intend to use your island sink as your main sink, you'll want compost, garbage, and other necessities in the island as well.

Kitchen island materials in Long Island

For all your kitchen island construction needs, you may visit a trusted supplier of building materials in the area, such as Contractor Express.


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