Know Which Siding Will Work before Visiting a Building Supply Company

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When improving a home's exterior siding, you need the right material. Because the texture, the color, and even the design vary, finding the one that best fits your client's home is essential. Find a reliable Long Island building supply company that offers a range of siding materials to help your client find the right one.

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In terms of durability and resistance, vinyl siding is a good choice. It's known for its toughness and light weight. It is also safe from nicks and scratches, making it look new for a long time. It is easily movable because of its lightness and therefore quick to install. It can be installed over an existing material which will help to save on labor costs. Vinyl siding can imitate the appearance of wood-grain, stone, and wood shingles. Another of its advantages: It doesn't require heavy maintenance. A simple power-washing is enough to clean and maintain it.


Wood is considered a material for premium renovation projects because of its aesthetic value and workability. It has a unique charm and beauty that only natural wood can bring. It is available in a wide array of species and grades, adding flexibility to the contractor's and owner's budget requirements. You can use a clear sealer or a semi-transparent stain.

This type of siding can last for generations with proper maintenance. Clear finishes must be reapplied every couple of years; semi-transparent stains every three years. It should also be repainted every five years to retain its beauty and charm.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement has become a popular choice these days because of its stability and low maintenance needs. Made of wood pulp, clay, sand, and cement, this material can be shaped to emulate shingles, masonry, wood clapboard, or stucco. Its versatility lends conformity to any style or look. It also accepts paint and finishes easily. Moreover, because it it's resistant to expansion and contraction, fiber cement is unaffected by humidity and temperature changes.

These are only three of the many siding materials that can be used as a building supply on Long Island. A contractor just needs to know each of the materials' qualities, advantages, and disadvantages to make the right choice for the client.


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