Kitchen Contractors Need to Know These Hot Design Trends for 2017

Posted on: March 14, 2017Posted by: Contractor Express

There's one question that kitchen remodel contractors often hear from clients: "What's trendy these days." As such, you need to keep abreast of all the design trends to be able to provide wise counsel. To make it easier for you, here are the top trends of 2017 you should know about:

hot design trends for 2017

Brass Fixtures

As Long Island kitchen contractors may have noticed, brass has made quite the comeback in recent years. This is due to the alloy's ability to bring a sophisticated gold tone to any kitchen without costing a fortune. This is why you should expect more clients to demand this stylish metal in their redesign requests. Possible applications could include cabinet handles, lighting fixtures, faucets, and the like.

Kitchen Storage Walls

A common complaint for clients is that there is never enough room in their kitchens. Ironically, it's their big and bulky cabinetry that is robbing them of storage space. Recently, however, more and more clients are asking for storage walls—floor-to-ceiling cabinets that centralize all shelves and cabinets on wall of the kitchen. It's a simple and streamlined solution to your clients' space dilemmas.

Brace Yourself for Greenery

Each year, Pantone—the world's leader in color technology—announces its color of the year. For 2017, it's the year of Greenery, a lively verdant hue that evokes the lushness of nature. It's a good fit in kitchens, too, as it gives clients a welcome and refreshing respite from the toil of cooking. The color can be applied to just about anything, like walls, countertops, and design accents.

Automation is Mainstream

The era of the smart home is here, and clients also demand a more seamless experience in the kitchen. This includes smart home fixtures such as motion-activated lights, hands-free faucets, and much more. As technology advances, expect your clients to ask for more of these "smart" features in their homes.

Apron Front Sinks

You've probably seen them on the pages of interior design magazines and you'll soon be seeing them in your client's design requests as well. Yes, apron-front sinks have gone mainstream, thanks to its rustic minimalist aesthetic and its maximum sink space.

Contractors have an exciting year ahead of them as they learn all the new design trends in order to cater to their clients' ever-shifting demands. The good news is, contractors in Long Island, NY can rely on Contractors Express to provide them with all of the building materials they need.


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