Brighter Views: Make Your Windows Look Chic With These Design Trends

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You may not realize it, but your windows are one of the most visible parts of your home both inside and out. They do more than let the sunlight in. They also allow you to get a good glimpse of the outdoors. Sometimes, they also let those outside get a glimpse of yourself.

brighter views

When you go about remodeling your home, it is important not to forget your windows. Style- wise, windows also need to get a bit of a makeover once in a while. And in case you don't know what design direction to take here, don't worry. There are a number windows design trends this year that you can readily consider.

Make your windows larger.

Today, it's all about allowing in as much natural light in as possible. This makes the entire home much brighter and livelier. At the same time, having more natural light means that you rely on your own electric lights less. This, in turn, helps you save on some electric bills.

Put Smaller Windows on Top of Larger Ones.

If you already have some large windows around your home, you might also want to put some smaller ones on top of them. These architectural design windows can give any part of your house a unique look and will bring in even more natural light.

Give your windows a little splash of color.

Your windows don't always have to be white or off-white. You can use bright, vibrant colors on the frame as an accent. Bright, vibrant colors tend to be a popular choice right now. You can also use your window color to accent the walls in the same room.

Factor in energy efficiency.

Ideally, you want windows that are able to trap the heat and air in your home so that your own cooling and heating systems will work efficiently. This will let you save more when it comes to your utility bills. And when it comes to energy efficient windows, vinyl is said to be better than wood.

When redesigning your windows, make sure you utilize the best building materials in Long Island so that you can be sure that your windows are not just beautiful, but sturdy as well.


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